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Which is better: a concrete or an asphalt driveway?

October 4, 2011

Both types of pavement have advantages and disadvantages and should be weighed as such:

Asphalt is a flexible pavement that consists of a thin layer of asphalt built over a base and a subbase of gravel and stone.  These layers rest on a compacted subgrade layer of soil.  I can’t emphasize this enough – asphalt is no better than what’s under it.  Do not skimp on the base and subbase or you will quickly have costly problems and repairs over the years.  With all that said, asphalt costs less to install and is the more economical option and should last in good condition for about 15 years.  Because it is flexible, asphalt is less sensitive to freeze/thaw cycles than concrete and may hold up better in certain climates.  Maintenance wise, asphalt driveways need to be resealed every 2-4 years.

Concrete is a rigid pavement that because of its stiffness and rigidity, distributes the load over a much wider area of the subgrade than the softer asphalt.  This explains why most concrete driveways outlast asphalt driveways on average 10-15 years and have a good condition life of 25-30 years.  While pricier to install, concrete does offer substantially more options in the ability to color, texture, structure, and enhance it than asphalt pavement does. These options enable concrete pavement to be made exceedingly strong, long-lasting, quiet, durable, and architecturally pleasant.  Maintenance wise, concrete driveways need to be resealed every 3-5 years.


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In my opinion, asphalt cost less and it’s durability is not bad at all, and as you said.. it’s flexible and less sensitive to freeze/thaw cycles than concrete. ^_^
asphalt driveways melbourne


November 19, 2011

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